Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wendy's, UGH!

I caved...I had a 5 hour break between classes last night and I drove all around looking for what I wanted/could eat. I'm on a very limited budget and the chicken on whole wheat bread I had brought didn't cut it. After passing "okay" options like Panera, Chipotle (I didn't stop b/c those meals are at least $10)...I settled on Wendy's. I got the Single Burger meal, with medium fries and a medium regular coke (which is HORRENDOUS for my hypoglycemia!!!). I regretted it immediately after eating it. I need to plan better for tomorrow. Bring better options so I don't have to buy food while I'm at school. I'm so disappointed in myself I wasn't even going to blog about it, but I had to. I also didn't feel great physically afterwards either, which was to be expected. Well, tomorrow's a new day I guess!

As soon as I got home from class, I took my organic multi-vitamin, drank spirulina in water, brewed 3 quarts of dandelion root/blueberry tea with agave for today, plus whole wheat pasta with olive oil and garlic for lunch/dinner and baked chick peas with sea salt for a snack...only to oversleep this morning and miss my 8:30am class. :( I guess I needed the sleep though. Well, I certainly have enough time to prepare myself for the rest of the day as my next class doesn't start until 2:30pm...and its YOGA!

I soooo desperately want to be a slim, sleek yogi...but I'm soooo NOT. I look like a fat and sweaty mess during the poses when no one, and I mean NO ONE, else is sweating :( I've been promising myself I'll practice at home, b/c that's all it takes to be good at yoga, is practice, but I haven't yet. Although, now that I've cleaned my room I'm more motivated to do it in this space. So that's my goal for this week is do practice yoga 3 times before next week's class.

On a slightly happy note, the scale said I didn't gain any weight (no thanks to that Wendy's excursion). I did eat it at 5pm and didn't have a single thing to eat afterwards, so I'm hoping I somehow evened it out. Today will be better, it has to be!

The thing I did for today to make myself feel good was to prepare my meals and tea last night so I wasn't rushed today AND I used those Kinoki foot detox pads. And EWWW were they gross this morning! It's controversial if they're actually pulling toxins out or if its the oils from your feet mixing with the herbs in pad and turning it black...but this morning they were completely black and GOOEY. I'll try them out for the rest of the week. :)

UPDATE!!!! I got onto wii fit and it says i'm down .9lbs from yesterday, so I'll take that! That makes my total thus far:
Days: 11 Pounds: -3lbs.

Be Well,
Ava :)

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