Friday, January 22, 2010

Iced Tea, Blogging and HIGH SCHOOL???

Good Morning All :) (ha, I don't think I even have a single reader yet, but I'll just pretend....)

I woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in awhile. This is my 4th day in a row of trying to maintain my blood sugar and being on a low Glycemic diet, and I have no doubt that's what the cause behind my great mood is! I stepped on the scale this morning (even though I said I wouldn't for another week) and I'm the same I was 6 days ago...BUT I've just started my "cycle" and I tend to retain water during this time, so I'm not too disappointed.

Last night around midnight I was so full of energy and in good spirits I found myself DANCING while brushing my teeth! I started thinking how I haven't felt this great since High School (which is a good 10 years and 80lbs ago!). I felt like I wanted to dress up, put on music and dance around my room like I used to! Over the past few years, my friends and I have talked about "what did we do way back when we didn't drink alcohol? We had so much fun and barely even drank!". These days we find ourselves out of options, and when we DO think of something we always drink thinking it'll make it more fun. In High School, I used to have these "Parties for 1" in my room. I'd dress up in my nicest clothes, hair and make-up done and all, blast music and just dance...imagining I was at some great party or a club that I wasn't old enough to get into yet. Don't get me wrong, I went to plenty of REAL parties as well, but this is what I did when I had some free time alone. I NEVER find myself wanting to do that these days...mostly for lack of energy. Last night, I would have if it wasn't already creeping onto 1am and if my clothes fit! :( But it was just more motivation to keep at this and get back down to a weight where I feel good about myself when I'm dressed up. These days I just wear clothes that hide my fat the best and make me feel the most comfortable. Which is sad and pathetic.

Next, I NEED to tell you all about my new favorite gadget. It's an Iced Tea maker made by Mr. Coffee. This it the model I have...I didn't even know they had other models but I got this one at K-Mart for only $20.
It can take loose tea or tea bags and you can brew 5-7 tea bags at a time...even adding in lemon or your sweetener and it brews about 3 quarts right into the pitcher. Then you just add ice or stick it in the fridge and you have fresh, healthy iced waiting for you whenever you want it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I've been making Dandelion Root Tea because it's good for supporting your Adrenal Glands (an issue I have, especially with hypoglycemics) and it's also great at getting rid of extra water weight and bloating for your time of the month. ;) I add lemon slices and agave (it's a low glycemic sweetener) and I feel sooooooo good after drinking it. Seems to be curbing my appetite as well (I guess the agave is providing some glucose!). I've been telling everyone who I think will care, even just a little. Maybe it could be the good thing you do for yourself today? And for only $20, why not? :)

Next, Blogging! This has been such a great outlet for me and it really helps to keep me motivated. Even though I'm pretty sure I don't have a single reader, I still feel like "someone" is holding me responsible to this new way of eating and I don't want to let "them" down. Plus, I get to vent and blab all I want!

Today is off to a good start. Had slow-cooked oatmeal and Dandelion iced tea for breakfast. :) Lunch will probably be my whole wheat pasta with garlic and olive oil and dinner is still up in the air, as are my snacks throughout the day. I also plan to do pilates today and maybe even yoga. I prefer to do Winsor Pilates as they've worked well for me in the past. I have to dvd's: "Buns and Thighs" and her "Ab Workout". They're both great, not that difficult to do and I definitely notice results within a week or two. My soccer season is only 2 months away, I need to start exercising as well as losing this weight. I will begin running soon as well, I promise! Aside from pilates/yoga, I decided to clean up this place to make me feel better about myself. Including the inside of my car. I always feel more organized and clean internally when my external environment is clean and in order. What will YOU do today?

Be Well,

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