Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Scale Finally Budged!

I excitedly hopped on the scale first thing this morning, and I dropped the 3lbs. it had shown i gained the other day plus another pound! So I'm down 4lbs from yesterday, which I assume is water weight, but I'll take it! I think the tea I had been drinking wasn't actually Dandelion Root (I had removed it from it's box a year ago and kept it in a Ziploc bag for carrying convenience). I'm pretty sure it was actually Yerba Mate tea. But anyway, I went to the health food store yesterday and bought Blueberry Tea and Dandelion Root (both great for supporting your adrenal glands/hypoglycemia)...and BOY DID I PEE! I also didn't even eat very much yesterday and didn't really have much cravings! YAY! Controlling my blood sugar has been a BLESSING! No overpowering cravings...I feel so FREED! I'm actually going to take a pause from writing this to weigh in on my Wii Fit and make a batch of Dandelion/Blueberry Iced Tea...

Okay, so Wii Fit agrees with the scale :-D I'm happy but overall that's only a final loss of 2lbs in 9 days... :( I still feel like it's so much more, I don't get it. BUT, it's still a loss and that's with very little to no exercise so I can't complain. Has anyone tried Wii Fit Plus? It's only $20 since I already have the balance board but I'm wondering if it's worth it? The Original Wii Fit wasn't all that fun but I do like to use it to track my weight over a long period of time, plus it has a password lock so I don't have to worry about anyone seeing my embarrassing weight. :( I also saw My Fitness Coach 2 for Wii and that they give you meal suggestions and recipes based on your diet needs. I tried to look up if it has low glycemic meals but can't seem to find the answer on the web.

Yesterday I tried the Spirulina salad (lettuce, olive oil, sea salt, sprinkled with Spirulina)...it was okay but it really grossed me out eating it just because the spirulina is SOOO GREEN. I think from now on I'll just mix it with some liquids and down it that way. Spirulina has wonderful health benefits and is a great supplement for hypoglycemia. :)

I also need to be better taking my multi-vitamin...I seem to slack on it over the weekend. Yesterday I was successful in organizing and cleaning my room...it really does make you feel better inside to have a clean environment. Plus, now I have room to do some pilates and yoga in here. Have I mentioned how much it sucks living at home at 27 years of age??? New York is just too expensive for someone who's a full-time student. Heck, it's too expensive for a full-time worker as well! But I don't think I could ever leave this state for good. :)

I've been trying to "follow" other blogs and leave comments...which has been fun and I've also been hoping it'd generate some followers of my own, but no such luck yet. :( This would be a lot more helpful if I knew I was actually talking to someone. Oh well...

Now, for a little venting...My boyfriend is wonderful and supportive and also naturally THIN! He's in good shape but has a lot of IBS type issues. So, because of that, he's been following The South Beach Diet (which is pretty much the same as the diet I'm having). When I tell him "I had A BITE of my brother's burger, then made myself a salad" he tries to make me feel guilty for having that single bite. Like I can't control myself at all. So last night, we were both hungry and I munched on some nuts and he made himself a toasted bagel with butter! So I gave him the same annoying questioning he gives me "Why? WHY would you have that bagel if you know it won't make you feel great? WHY?" and I could tell he got annoyed and said "well I have no other options" (which wasn't true, he was just too lazy to cook something real. Then he had the nerve to comment on how many nuts I was eating! I may just stop talking to him at all about dieting...I hate when people add their two cents sometimes, ya know? Anyone else get frustrated? I'm an adult, I know the consequences of every action I take...and I see NO HARM in having a bite (and I do mean that literally, it was one single bite) of a food that's tempting me as long as it stops there and I make myself my real meal. Argh!

So, what will you do today to make yourself feel good? Today I'm going to re-paint my nails and finish up the last touches of organizing my room. Oh, also, I'm thinking about purchasing a netbook? Any thoughts or opinions? My laptop died and I've been borrowing my brother's, but I'd like to just have my own. I think a netbook would fit my needs (I only really go the internet and write a paper or two). Plus, it being so small it'd be easily transported back and forth to school. And they're a heck of a lot cheaper!

My Totals:
9 days down. 2 lbs down.

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