Thursday, January 21, 2010

First Taste of Success!!!

Feeling faint, shaky, dizzy and sweaty are my usual feelings during exercise, even if it's as light as just putting my laundry away!! I've been taking a yoga class for the past 3 weeks, and like usual, I'm standing in my tree pose and the room is turning white and I feel like I'm going to faint. So, I break pose to stand on both feet and try and get myself together again, praying "Please God don't let me faint, please, please, please....". Well, yesterday I did MY BEST to maintain by blood sugar and it worked! I still got hot and sweaty (but that's unfortunately due to me being fat and out of shape!) but I didn't feel shaky or dizzy ONCE! I couldn't believe it. I finally felt NORMAL exercising! My diet wasn't PERFECT yesterday, but it was pretty darn close! Here's what I ate:
Breakfast: Woke up feeling starving so ate Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with whole milk. Not the best glycemically, but at least it wasn't the bagel I wanted to stop and get! Had my Chinese dieter's tea with my blood sugar supplement (Here's the blood sugar supplement I'm taking. I'm not sure if I feel it working yet or not, but I'll continue to at least finish the bottle. )
Snack: In class I had an organic banana and a vitamin water (they happen to have a very low glycemic index because they use fruit sugar to sweeten it) and took my organic women's multivitamin (shown here: )
Lunch: a veggie burger, no bun, with 1/2c. of seaweed salad and about 1/2c. chickpea salad....and some pickle chips on the side.
Dinner: a pint of steamed chicken and broccoli with brown rice (I forgot to ask for sauce on the side...ugh.) and I took my B.S. supplement as well.

I felt GREAT throughout the day, until an hour or two after eating that Chinese food. The place didn't seem all that classy, so I'm assuming it was the food. I ended up leaving class early and coming home to lay down.
Breakfast: I woke up feeling great today and have already enjoyed natural oatmeal with walnuts and cranberries and 1Tbsp. organic maple syrup with a glass of lemon water. :)
Snack: 1 Orange with my Chinese dieter's tea and my B.S. supplement. I found myself starving in class, and my stomach was growling so I drank a Vitamin Water (note to self: Eat more oatmeal! I just find it so hard to get down... :-\ )
Lunch: I'm not totally sure of the overall glycemic health but I made about 1 1/2c. whole grain pasta, with a teaspoon of fresh garlic sauteed in 1Tbsp. Olive Oil, a squeeze of a 1/4 slice of fresh lemon and sea salt to taste. And okay, okay, I added a pinch (about a tsp.) of fresh Parmesan cheese. The sauce was so light you could actually taste the little bit of cheese and my gosh was it delicious! :) I scarfed that right down!

My next snack and dinner are yet to be determined, but it's very important for hypoglycemics to eat every 3 hours, something small to keep a steady glucose level (and it's just an overall great diet tip).

So, what are YOU doing today for YOU? Today I bought myself a new nail polish "Commander in Chic" by Sally's very cute! In yoga class yesterday, I was embarrassed to have my toes showing...they have small remnants of red nail polish left over from Christmas! :( Does anyone else find that they slack in personal maintenance when they're overweight? I sometimes feel like I don't deserve to have nice nails or clothes. I have the mindset of "I'm too fat, that's all everyone will notice? What difference does it make if my nails look nice?". But the truth is, it makes ME feel good having my hair done or my nails done and in turn I want to keep taking better and better care of myself. So if you haven't been doing it, please do SOMETHING today to make yourself feel good. My tootsies are drying as I'm typing right now! :)
Be Well!


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