Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Pound and The Law of Attraction

First, I'm very excited to receive a blog award from my ONE follower, LOL but I'm excited nontheless, THANK YOU! (I'm having problems with inserting links)

I'm supposed to name 10 things that make me happy:
1-my friends
2-my family
3-my boyfriend
4-going to school for acupuncture/oriental medicine
8-an outfit that fits well and look good
9-compliments :)
10-the overall good health of myself and those close to me

Now I'm supposed to give it to 10 other people, but I don't follow that many, yet :-\ But here's a few that I like:

Now onto today's post. I woke up and weighed-in on Wii Fit and it says I was down another .7lbs. yay! I'm worried that I'm losing too much water weight by drinking so much Dandelion Root tea everday, so today I didn't drink any (plus it makes me very tired) so we'll see what the weigh-in is like tomorrow. I didn't do too badly eating today:
Breakfast: Organic Flaxgrain cereal with whole milk
Lunch: grilled chicken with 1c whole wheat pasta and tomato sauce
Dinner: I slept thru dinner and was late to class and craving ice cream. So I got a VERY SMALL chocolate non-fat, no sugar added treat. :)
Snack: was starving just now and didn't even feel like writing so I had 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with butter and jelly...not that greatest but it tasted delightful and I ate so little today I think it's okay.

A month ago I had been reading The Secret, and it says that if you want to lose weight, then stop focusing on how fat you are and instead picture yourself at your dream weight. It says your body and your universe don't know the difference between "I want to be fat" and "I DON'T want to be fat"...all's it hears is "fat" so your body and your surroundings make it feasible for you to be fat. I really do believe in this because during the time I was my thinnest (10 years ago, in HS...ugh, has it been that long?) I used to daydream all the time about being thin, and having lots of boyfriends, etc. And, sure enough, I had a ton of friends and plenty of date offers and I was pretty damn thin! So that's what I've been trying to do now, plus it's a blast imagining all the things I can do once I'm not held back by my self-consciousness. I'm not obese or anything, I'm 5'11" so being over 200lbs it's still spread out fairly well over my body. It's more of a mental thing for me...but of course I have my physical limitations as well.

For example, my girlfriends and I are meeting up with two guys we used to go to college with for dinner and drinks. Strictly platonic, plus I have a wonderful boyfriend, so I'm not worried about trying to date these guys or anything...but I'm embarrassed to go because I'm a good 30lbs heavier than the last time they saw me. :( It makes me not even want to go. Infact, I seem to want to avoid all social situations due to my weight, yet I always have so much fun when I do go. SO, I will go, of course, but I'll certainly be downing some drinks to help drown my self-consciousness! Pathetic. Can't wait to be at a weight where I'm proud to show myself off. I used to be "hot"! I'll get there, I'll get there...

Today I felt like I had a cold coming on, so I sat in my personal infrared sauna to try and sweat it out. That's what Chinese Medicine says to do, if you catch it in the first stages. I'm not sure if I sweated enough (I'm always naturally warm as it is, so to sit in a sauana is complete torture for me)...but I'm hoping it works anyway. I may try again in the morning if I still don't feel great. But that's what I did today to make myself feel good. I'm not sure what tomorrow's will be!

It's pretty late here in NY. I should get to bed. I'm excited to see what the scale says tomorrow after not drinking the diuretic tea today. Hopefully I won't be overly disappointed. I don't want to dehydrate myself. I did that once with this tea. I drank it all week long then drank alcohol friday and saturday night and I had shoot pains in my back...enough to make my dad take me to the ER. While in the waiting room, it subsided and I realized I must be dehydrated. I begged to go back home, and I did thankfully, before I was embarrassed infront of the doctor for being so dehydrated. So I need to be more careful this time around. Tomorrow will be water, water, water! Lemon water, actually. I learned in my nutrition class it has a list of health benefits and is very cleansing for the body. Plus, it's actually my favorite beverage, so that works for me!

Anyway, I'm rambling now. I hope everyone is doing the best they can, at this very moment. :)

Be Well,
Days: 12 Pounds: -4

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