Saturday, January 23, 2010


Good Morning!

Last night I was SURE I had lost weight. Infact, my boyfriend even noticed my face and arms looking and feeling thinner. I did well eating yesterday, aside from us ordering buffalo wings at 10pm. HOWEVER, they ARE low glycemic! And to my delight, turns out this place has the suckiest wings but they were healthy! They were just baked wings with buffalo sauce drizzled I was a bit relieved they weren't deep fried.

I woke up this morning, stepped on the scale, and it hasn't budged at all!!! :( I DO have my period and am most likely still retaining water but I don't FEEL like I'm retaining as much water as I usually do. Plus I've been drinking a great amount of Dandelion Root Tea and that should help flush out the excess water. So, I'm a bit disappointed but still being hopeful that I'll see the results on the scale when my cycle it over. How frustrating though. :(

On a happier note, I'm still feeling more energized and healthy and I'm still highly motivated. I also plan on having a night with myself tonight that will include a new Wii Game ("Just Dance"-I heard it was a blast and plus it'll make me exercise!)...however I also plan on having some wine... ;) A girl's gotta live!

I'm not sure what will be on today's menu...maybe I will try making that Spirulina salad today. Breakfast wasn't off to a good start :-\ I saw there was a buffalo wing, bleu cheese and one chicken finger in the fridge so I heated that up in the MICROWAVE (ahhh! :( I've been trying to stop using the microwave as it's very poor for your health). BUT, I need to remember that one small detour doesn't mean I should give up on the whole journey. The rest of the day will even it out, I'll make sure of it!

Ladies, have you ever read "Good In Bed" by Jennifer Weiner? It's a great read and I highly suggest it. It's about the love life of a heavier woman. I find it comforting in the same way that Bridget Jones's Diary comforts me.

I had a problem logging into this website, so this blog was actually written Saturday morning, January 23rd. Lucky for autosave I was able to just add a few lines and I'll post it now plus one for this morning (Monday).

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