Friday, February 12, 2010

Fell off the wagon, temporarily...and LEMON WATER

UGH, I'm so dissapointed with myself. I sorta fell off the wagon for 2 weeks and I have a feeling that it has a direct correlation with me not posting in 2 weeks. I had computer trouble and didn't feel like typing from a public computer...and consequently my diet seemed to go down hill as well. That's another 5lbs I could've been down but now I'm up 2lbs. :( And here it is, Valentine's Day weekend and I feel so disgusted with myself I'm hoping my boyfriend and I don't even go out to dinner on Sunday. Also, I have a work party with old co-workers of mine next week and I was so excited to be down hopefully 15lbs by then, but now that looks like it won't happen. It makes me not even want to go to this party and see this people and let them see how much weight I've gained. :(

Okay, pity party over...I'm back on track now...I HAVE to be! This morning I had a bowl of cereal, lunch will be a veggie burger on 1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread (I slice it down the middle so it becomes two very thin slices) and dinner will be steamed chicken and broccoli with brown rice. So I didn't meet my short term goals for upcoming events, I still have summer to work towards! AND St. Patrick's day-where I tend to run into a lot of people from HS and college, etc. So that's what I'm looking forward to now. :) Plus, being in the holistic health field, I feel like my advice and what I say would have more of an impact if I was in shape. Also, that women's soccer team I'm joining starts up in 5 weeks and I'd like to get into better shape by then.

Today will be about eating low glycemic again and drinking lots of water. Lemon water, to be exact. My holistic nutrition class taught me the importance of lemon water...and it just so happens to actually be my favorite beverage anyway. Some of the many benefits are as follows: it kills bacteria in your body, it helps prevent new bacteria from forming, good for colds, sore throats, asthma, liver complaints and helps to move your bowels. Here's a link to a webpage I found:

I guess it doesn't help that it's noon and I'm still in bed, huh? :-\ That's it, I'm ending this blog now, signing off and getting out into the world. Today I will paint my nails and tidy up my room and HOPEFULLY do some pilates before my date tonight. That's what's on my plate for the day, what's on yours?


  1. No worries about falling off the wagon. It's not bad to fall off and get up again, it's only bad if you fall off and stay down. Good job on getting back on track. Don't beat yourself up over valentines day either. Enjoy yourself, just try to make better decisions with smaller portions. Don't 'punish' yourself by not celebrating because by depriving yourself you are setting yourself up. kwim? On my blog you asked what I do on wii. It's kinda funny actually. I do a lot of the games/strength training on Wii Fit Plus. I also have Just Dance which I LOVE LOVE LOVE. It's like a aerobic game and you don't even realize as time passes. In addition I play Wii sports and do Jillian Michael's 2009 workout. I forgot what it's called. :) My fave is the Wii Fit + and Just Dance though :)

  2. thanks for the're totally right about valentine's day. i'll enjoy it, i just decided. :) and i LOOOOVE just dance as well! SUCH a great workout!! wii spirts resort is also a blast, I highly recommend it! i did the frisbee golf and table tennis for HOURS one night and my arms were KILLING me the next day. I have the regular wii fit which i wasn't too thrilled with but maybe i'll give the fit plus a try. thanks!!