Friday, February 19, 2010

The Scale Was Kind!

Soooo, I haven't really been on the wagon the past two weeks, plus I have my period (I always gain a few pounds) but I've decided to make Friday mornings my week I did and Wii Fit said I only gained 1.5lbs in those two weeks! Now, I know it seems silly to be happy about a GAIN, but I was sure I gained the entire 5lbs back, PLUS I had a really heavy meal last night and I have my period and am retaining water so I'm hoping that I actually didn't gain any weight at all!

I feel motivated again and our soccer season is getting closer so I'm getting excited for that. Is it lame I want to look cute in my uniform even though I'll be surrounded by a bunch of girls??? LOL, I guess I'm thinking more about facebook pictures we may put up...

Breakfast: 1 apple with a little organic maple syrup and cinnamon

Lunch: about 1 1/2c. of whole wheat pasta and red sauce

and the rest is TBD...

I have YET to exercise though. Partly b/c of that whole gym scenario (which should be rectified by monday). I was able to let go of my anger by the way and my boyfriend and I are "fine" today. Whatever, I'm proud that I let it go and didn't turn it into a big huge argument (which I tend to do when I finally get mad). Oh, and the other EXCUSE is that our roads here in NY have snow on the sides and are still icy, so outside running is difficult. But I know I'm just making excuse after excuse, so exercise is next. GOTTA DO IT. I tend to over think things so I'm trying to think less and JUST DO IT...Thanks Nike. haha

Be well!

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