Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day and a Pity Party

So Valentine's Day was nice. My boyfriend was fighting the stomach virus that's going around so he couldn't have a heavy meal, which was fine by me and my rolls of fat! So I went to his apt and he had bought me a teddy bear, a balloon, a dozen red roses and a new Wii game. LOL...I'm 27 years old but just a big kid. It was Mario Kart for wii, I LOVED it haha. He had also ordered us Greek Salads which was PERFECT for me! I looooove greek salads and I also didn't feel guilty about eating it. We just drank water. Until I came back home and my mom had left some vday Peeps in my room...I've eaten 5 since last night. :( I will throw the rest out, I swear.

I feel so lethargic lately. I'm getting my period so I have all the lovely PMS symptoms. I just feel like napping all day long and watching DVDs, but I have a few midterms this week so I must do a lot of studying. I'm also supposed to start the Couch to 5k Running Program again today. I hate running in the daytime b/c I know everyone in this town. So I'll save that for around dusk this evening. I HAVE to do it, I'll be so disappointed in myself if I put it off even another day. My Women's Soccer team starts up in a month and I really, REALLY do not want to embarrass myself too much. I played with some of these girls back in HS (10 years ago, my God...) and I was maybe 60lbs lighter then! :-\ I'm 5'11" which helps spread that weight around at least, but also makes me feel like a big huge monster as well.

I always feel like I lose my motivation around the time of my period. Got to try and re-light that spark today. Any ideas? I guess taking a shower today would help! LOL

I just feel like lying around today and feeling sorry for my fat self...Okay, this is a very boring blog and I'm just rambling on in no particular order. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day and found a few moments to love yourself!


  1. omg I love peeps! Most people seem to find them disgusting but I could eat up a whole package!

    Soccer! YES IM jealous! I've been looking for a team in my area that has opennings and plays on a day I can go (with work & school)

    And as for me counting calories! For the most part I just guess.. with things like fruit and my measurements, but.. since I usually don't MAKE things, i MICROWAVE them, it's easier to count because it's one ingredient rather than tossing in a bunch!

  2. Oh man I feel you on the TOM's been really bogging me down the last couple of days...UGH

  3. I dont feel like working when I have periods as well. I binge a lot around my PMS time too!