Thursday, February 18, 2010

Men really were raised in barns...JUST BREATHE!

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So, last March my boyfriend bought me a year's membership to the gym. A few months into the membership, I started getting notices of Past Due amounts. So I ask them and they say the ATM card the fees were coming from had expired and they would need the new number. So, I tell my boyfriend this....and then again....and then again until he finally changes it. All is fine and well and a few months later the same thing happens again except this time it's because he closed that account and switched banks. So I tell him, again, and again, and again...finally at the end of December (after them stopping me each time I signed in to tell me I was overdue by 3 months, which was embarrassing enough) they told me I could no longer keep going as of Jan 1st. So I told that to my it is, February is flying by and I'd like to go to the gym and just renew it myself....the membership he bought me should be up the end of this month. Part of me is a people pleaser and I would just pay it myself but he makes me SOOOO MAD sometimes. The kid seriously does not have manners sometimes. Any normal guy would be mortified at this and would apologize for me having to ask over and over and over again for something that was supposed to be a GIFT! A gift I DID NOT ASK FOR, by the way. So he's giving me an attitude on the phone saying "I don't want them to have my card info, I'll just give you the cash"...which is fine and dandy but he never carries cash so I know I'm going to have to keep harassing him for it each time I see him. So I just asked that he swing on by the gym on Sunday since he'll be around that area anyway and he just acts like it's the biggest freaking deal. It drives me nuts. He's gotten MUCH better with chivalry things (let me tell you, he was a nightmare as far as that stuff goes. But finally he's learned to open doors, ask if I need anything, PAY for things, etc.) but my God, it's times like these he just still drives me nuts. It was his birthday last week and one of the things I bought him was GPS and I could tell he wasn't thrilled with it (he has every other gadget in the world) so I said I'd return it and try to find something he'd REALLY want, because I want him to be happy with his gift. I say I just get my money back and use that to pay off the gym membership and we'll call it even, since he's treating this like it's some business dealing. Anyone else have to deal with thoughtless men???? Don't get me wrong, he can be SUCH a sweetheart and when he does little things for me and buys me little presents out of nowhere, I literally tear up. I'm not a high maintenance girlfriend, believe me. It takes very little to keep me happy. OH, and to top it off, he tried saying that he figured he didn't have to pay for the gym since I don't go very often! Meanwhile, he's no gym whore himself...he just happens to be naturally thin.

MY ISSUE, however, is that I hold onto things. We ended the conversation on a tense note and he went to sleep. Tomorrow morning he'll be over it and will act normal whereas I'll still be mad. I've learned in holistic health that people who hold onto things like that, hold onto everything else: when they get sick from a cold or flu, it takes them longer to get over it than other people, weight is harder to get off, etc. etc. A quick fun exercise to see if you're like me: Take a DEEP inhale in....(stop reading and do it), notice if when you inhaled if your stomach extended or if your stomach sucked in and your chest extended? Your lungs are the length from your chest to your abdomen so when they fill with air, your STOMACH is supposed to get bigger. That means you're letting the breath fill the entire lung. People like me, only let the top part of my lungs fill up and I suck in my stomach not letting the breath all the way down. At first I thought it was silly, b/c I just never wanted to stick my belly out but all the rest was true. When I get a common cold, I have it for a MONTH. When I get mad, I'm mad for days. Losing weight is soooo hard for me, etc. etc. So I'm working on trying to let things go and honestly the easiest way I've found? JUST BREATHING! Now, don't get me wrong...I'm the happiest easiest going person you'll ever meet. It takes A LOT to make me mad...usually things that build up over time (like this gym membership thing has been building up since the summer). But anyway, when I find myself mad at him for such things as this I just concentrate on letting the air fill my entire lung, letting the breath drop. And after a little while I'm not mad anymore and usually a few hours later I don't even remember what I was mad at. Although I kinda want to keep being mad at him for some reason, it's not good for your mind or body to hold onto anger....sooooo, here's to letting go!!!

Now, if I could just let go of this damn weight!! It's bedtime...goodnight all. :)
P.S. I need to chart my weekly weigh-ins better...and I've obviously stopped the daily weigh-ins.... :-\ I'll start the new chart soon, once I can figure it out!
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  1. My husband could/can be very thoughtless. I could probably list you 1000 things he has done that has irritated the hell outta me. I'll give you 5.
    1. When I'm eating healthily and he knows it, he will buy me candy (thinking it is romantic) and when I tell him I can't eat it or don't say anything and just don't eat it he get's completely offended and won't speak to me.
    2. When I lost our first baby and I had to have a D&C he got mad at me because I needed my mom. Again, wouldn't talk to me for days
    3. When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and hugely pregnant he would sit in front of the TV, snacking away and ask me why I wasn't cooking or doing his laundry or any other stupid chore.
    4. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter, taking care of my oldest and dealing with non progressive contractions since 29 weeks gestation he still wanted to know 'why I hadn't done the dishes, why I hadn't done his laundry or why I hadn't cooked dinner yet'.
    5. This is my favorite and least favorite. Whenever we have a disagreement, he calls his mama and has her talk to me. Then I have to talk to his sister. It's like hearing the same stupid record in different voices all saying the same BS.
    And so there ya have it. LOL Sorry for the novel and thanks for the comment on my blog. I am going to inquire to my ins company if acupuncture is covered. :)

  2. Well that certainly makes me feel a bit better about the gym thing! :) I'm glad it seems like you don't fall into his way of thinking and take the blame for all those things that you obviously shouldn't!