Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gorgeous weather and craving RAW!

It's a gorgeous day here in NY and it just makes me ACHE to be healthy! I wish I was fit and trim and could just go for a quick jog or a hike. Instead, I feel lethargic and fat and I'm so, SO sick of it.

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I'm still determined to start on my path to going RAW. I found a great blog that tells you how to be raw for $10 a day or less. And she's giving away a great blender! I entered to win it, and that will be my sign that raw is the way to go for me. Although, I'm already pretty set on incorporating this lifestyle into my own. I've read numerous success stories and everyone just seems to healthy and vibrant AND they LOOK healthy! So many times you see people who are fit, vegan, in shape, whatever, but their skin is dull, they have bags under their eyes...just don't look like they're healthy on the inside. I think if i start to give my body NUTRIENTS instead of just CALORIES, it will start to respond better, crave less, and detoxify.

I know, I know...I'm all talk right now. I'm just on such a tight budget that I don't have room to experiment with recipes. SO, I need to find a few recipes that I think I would like, and just buy enough ingredients for that. That's do-able. Most involve spinach, apples, carrots, celergy, maybe some onion and garlic, and that's about it!

Plus, I turn 28 years old on Thursday and I'm sick of wasting my life. I've been going through the past few years hiding out from social situations because I'm embarrassed of how fat I am, or my clothes don't fit, or I just feel too lethargic. I want to start LIVING life! Don't get me wrong, I'm as fun-loving and good spirited as they come, but I can do better. I want to be adventerous and LIVE. And I was thinking, "Why is it so hard?" I want to be all these different girls I see: the skinny girl who's good at yoga, the healthy girl who eats well all the time, the fit girl who runs 5ks all the time. But why CAN'T I be? All's I have to do is just start DOING it! Today I'm the girl who ate pretzels and honey mustard for breakfast, but if I just make the switch in my mind of "Okay, you WERE the girl who ate junk but now you're the girl who eats healthy and nutritious foods" then I can be! And if I want to be good at yoga, well then I need to freaking start practicing yoga everyday! WHY DON'T I JUST DO THIS??? Well, I am. I'm picking up ingredients today and going to start by replacing ONE meal a day with raw foods. And I'll be happy with that for a few days, a week or maybe even 2. And I won't bash myself for not doing better. I'm going to love and appreciate myself for making THAT change. Then, when I'm ready, I will replace 2 meals with raw foods, or maybe one meal plus a raw snack, etc. The idea is that my body will start craving the nutrient-rich foods and not the empty calorie "diet" food and/or junk food.

I'm doing it, I'm doing it today for myself. I'm going to start off my next year of life on the right foot.

Are you living the best life you can lead?

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